Hello, there! I'm almost done re-awesome-ifying my site, hooray AND hoorah! The social media links are on the right there, and links to all the good painty stuff are below. Check back frequently, I add new work all the time (ALL the time, it's crazy, man, crazy). It's good to have you here!

As of 8/9/15 ALL PRINTS are now handled through my UK / International store allowing me to focus on my daughters health


Pop Culture, Parody and Nerdy, Nostalgic Geeksplosions On Canvas!

Our shipping policies are as follows - We ship via USPS priority mail 5-10 business days after payment has cleared.  We often ship sooner than this, but in extremely busy times
(especially around the holidays) it can take up to three weeks to ship. We absolutely appreciate your patience and support! 

If you have any questions about your order or general wonderings please don't hesitate to contact me at james @ jameshance.com