We'll update this page with an update regarding Maddy's condition this week [2/11/13]

About Maddy (My Daughter)

Madison is an 8 year old ball of sunshine, she's s full of life, always putting a smile on peoples faces - a delight to be around. She has been suffering with "chronic constipation" since she was a baby. She has undergone so many different test through the past 6 years, trialed different medications and had numerous hospitilizations including January of last year where Doctors said that all they could do was operate - She now has a cecostomy tube in her lower right abdomen.

We've traveled from Florida to Boston to help us find some answers to her ongoing sickness. Whilst in Boston she was scoped and it was found that she has Mastocytic Colitis and Eosinophilic Esophagitus (this helped explain her non-stop vomiting). We were almost relieved with this finding as we finally had an answer. When her belly pain persisted, her GI doctor in Orlando did another scope/biopsy of her colon and they tested for a very rare form of Colitis. Madison tested positive for this. We are still unsure what the future will hold for her. As of right now she is on 7 different drugs throughout the day, she can't have any dairy, rye, rice, corn, chicken,or turkey products and has to stay away from foods containing hystamines. Her GI doctor is putting her on an elemental diet in January to see if not eating foods will help with her stomach pain. We're very nervous about this as of course, being a growing 7 year old she loves to eat! Until then we take things day by day.

Madison loves to sing, dance and entertain anyone who will stop and give her a smile, you honestly wouldn't know she was sick unless you spent a whole day with her. She is an amazingly brave and cheerful little girl and we couldn't be more proud.

As you can imagine, the cost of travel, hotel stays and the invevitable medical bills all tally up, If you'd like to commission an original painting for your own child's room with all proceed's going to Maddy - please get in touch here.

Madison makes me so unbelievably happy, and without that happiness I wouldn't be able to do what I do. Thanks so much for your support! Love you <3

Thanks to your amazing, amazing generosity we were able to raise 85% of the funds towards the costs of Maddy's travel and treatment last year!!